Mistakes Triple H made with Cody Rhodes' title defenses

WWE: It's been close to 5 weeks since Cody Rhodes finished his story. However, he has not been booked with proper feuds and has not got enough opportunities to defend the title.

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Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Championship. In the process not did he just finish the story, but also ended the unprecedented title run of the Tribal Chief that lasted for 1316 days. When wins of such magnitudes take place, the following champions or winners must be able to ride on the momentum to justify their mammoth win.

For instance, after Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker to end the streak, he was on a beast mode. In SummerSlam 2014, he delivered 16 German Duplexes to John Cena and made his look ordinary. While one can argue that Summer slam was more than 100 days after WrestleMania, Cody has not been booked with good feuds. His title run so far has not lived up to the mark.

Triple H has not been able to justify the unprecedented win of Rhodes. For Backlash 2024, they built up well between AJ Styles and Cody. But after the PLE, the feud was done and dusted. All of a sudden, we have Logan Paul competing for the world title out of nowhere. It does not seem to make any sense. There is no guarantee that even this feud would last any longer.

Need to defend title often 

This might be an opportunity to make Rhodes a bigger star by making him a Grand Slam champion. But having a proper feud and storyline establishes a star in a better way. Moreover, Cody has defended his title only once in a telecasted match. All the talks before WrestleMania XL was about Roman being a part-time wrestler. But Cody is made to look like one.

In the coming days, there needs to be better booking. Having longer feuds would help both champion and the challenger. Cody is what fans expect to be a work horse champion. For that to happen, he must defend his title often. Now that draft has happened, there must be proper booking. Else, the title reig of the American Nightmare might not live up to the expectations.

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