WATCH: Matt Hardy opens up on his AEW contract status & original debut plans

On a recent edition of the 'Insight' podcast, Matt Hardy discussed his current AEW contract status, what’s crucial for a new deal, the original plans for his AEW debut, and more.

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Matt Hardy gave significant insight concerning his contract negotiations with AEW. Notably, there was considerable speculation on whether he would stick with the company or look for other opportunities when he signed a four-year contract with AEW in 2020. In addition, he revealed that he is now considering alternatives after receiving an official offer to re-sign with AEW in a chat for his podcast, 'The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.'

However, Hardy intends to make the most of his remaining wrestling years, as he is of their finite nature. He's grateful for the opportunity to stay at AEW but he must weigh his choices. He does anticipate choosing within the upcoming month, however. The 49-year-old also speaks about his thoughts on what is more important for him nearing the end of his AEW contract.

“What’s important to me, I think more than anything else right now, is just the legacy of Jeff and Matt. Because we do get that we are mentioned in the conversation of the greatest tag team and want to help younger teams, we want to build teams. But also you have to be put into a position to succeed where you do seem relevant, where you do seem like you’re at the top of your game, you can’t just go out there and get beat every single week," Matt Hardy said.

Jeff right now is in one of the best stages of his life that he’s ever been in: Matt Hardy

Meanwhile, the North Carolina-born star also opened up about what he wants to add to his legacy. The WWE superstar talks about the Tag Team Championship, where one can have great matches. In addition, the great player also revealed some secrets about his brother, Jeff Hardy.

“I think a legacy could be completed, like a good run as Tag Team Champions somewhere else where we have good quality matches, especially working with guys that we are smartly booked against. Because Jeff right now is in one of the best stages of his life that he’s ever been in throughout the entirety of his wrestling career," he added further.

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