NXT main event ends with brawl between Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

WWE: Ahead of the NXT Stand and Deliver, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes had a faceoff. The two were involved in a brawl despite the presence of a lot of guards.

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The main event of the NXT ended with a brawl between Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. The two former friends exchanged blows against each other as the guards tried to save them. Anticipating the potential brawl, a lot of guards were already in the ring as the two went face-to-face at the main event. The segment between the two led to their brawl.

The two recalled of the good old days when they were good friends. Carmelo claimed that Trick was playing second fiddle to him. The former NXT champion added that it was him who helped Trick to come out of his bubble and express himself. Hayes pointed that he held the NXT championship and Trick held the North American Championship at one point but neither of them possess it now.

Carmelo blamed Trick for their disintegration and the latter was quick to refute it. As the war of words continued, the clouds of heat started to form. As anticipated, the fight broke down between the two. While Williams was having a go at Hayes, the crowd was behind him chanting 'Whoop that trick'. Hayes was booed by the crowd for his arguments.

Additional guards make no impact  

As the arguments grew serious, the two started to take on each other. They first cleared the guards who were sent to stop a potential brawl. All the guards who were wearing masks were taken down by the duo. Both the Superstars then went on against each other and exchanged blows. Both of them punched each other and there was chaos all around. 

More guards were sent to control the two. But things seemed out of control. The two copped blows and displayed their hate towards each other. Even the additional force could not do anything, as the two continued to punch each other. The brawl continued as the show went off-air. The two former friends who are now foes, will be up against each other in the NXT Stand and Deliver show ahead of WrestleMania XL.