'This guy grabbed the string of my sweatpants' - Ex- WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey makes huge claim on former WWE Boss

WWE: In one of the recent interviews, former WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey opened up on an incident that shocked her to the core and claimed it to be disgusting.

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Ronda Rousey has made a huge claim on how she experienced misconduct in her WWE days. The ex-WWE Superstar was in an interview where she was asked if she experienced any sort of misconduct from the former WWE boss. Ronda did not take the names of any individuals but made a massive claim about the company culture. 

While the former world champion claimed that she did not experience anything as such from Vince, Ronda added that she witnessed something unusual in one of the instances. Rousey described that she was waiting outside the writer's room to have a chat with Triple H. Ronda added that she was standing outside the room with Bruce Prichard and one of the other writers.

It looks like she did not want to take the name of the person despite knowing it. Ronda claimed that she forgot his name and added that he totally unknown to her but grabbed the string of her sweatpants. Ronda claimed that she was shocked to the core. She added that what was more surprising for her was the fact that none reacted to the incident despite witnessing it.

‘What the f**k was that?' - Ronda Rousey

She added that the person grabbed the string of her sweatpants and started to go down the hall. Rousey claimed that there were many people around her and nobody cared to question the act of the person. The former WWE Superstar felt that the people were there looking at the incident as if it were normal. The former world champion then told how she felt about the incident.

Rousey claimed that she felt like asking why is the person grabbing the string of her sweatpants. Ronda added that she felt like asking if he would have done the same if her husband was standing next to her. Rousey said she felt like asking the person if he would have grabbed the string of her sweatpants in the presence of her husband.

Take a look at her statement in the interview -

“Not Vince personally, towards me, but the company culture, definitely. One time I was waiting to go talk to Triple H in the writer’s room. I was standing there with Bruce Prichard and another one of the writers and — god, I forgot his name. I can’t believe I forgot this guy’s name. It’ll come back to me. Anyway, I’m standing there, and this guy that was like barely even an acquaintance with grabs the string of my sweatpants as I’m walking by. And nobody — like, I wasn’t even looking at him…but this guy grabs the string of my sweatpants, and no one reacts as if this is abnormal. He grabs it and starts going down the hall, and I’m just like, ‘What the f**k was that? Why are you grabbing the string of my sweatpants? If my husband was standing here next to me, would you feel comfortable walking up to me and grabbing the string of my sweatpants?’