Mandy Rose makes fans look her Blue Bikini image on Instagram

WWE: Mandy Rose took to Instagram and posted an image of her being in a blue Bikini. The former WWE Superstar has not been in action since she left the company in 2022.

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Mandy Rose

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Mandy Rose posted an image on Instagram which has gone viral. She was seen taking a selfie in the gym with her being in a blue Bikini. The fans started to share the images and commented it was brilliant. Mandy took to Instagram and wrote, "Made you look, link in the bio." Rose is popular among the WWE fans who know her from the 2010s.

It has been a long time since the former WWE Superstar left the ring. in 2022, she left Wrestling as a profession and has been a full-time Premium Content Creator. On Instagram, she has a good number of followers who regularly support and wait for her content. But many WWE fans who witnessed her skills in the past wish to see her back in action.

In some of the interviews. Rose has been asked about her potential return to WWE. The former diva has not denied her comeback. However, it seems like she might not make her return soon, as her current focus is not Wrestling. Years after when she feels like returning to Wrestling, she could well return to the Stanford-based company. The fans are hoping for the same.

'Liv Morgan is very, very entertaining' - Konnan

Konnan regarded Liv Morgan highly in an interview. The former WWE superstar claimed that Liv was pushed down the throat when she had the title. He claimed that Morgan did not come off as a champion and felt she was given the title a bit too early. While Konnan maintained that he did not like her gimmick, he accepted that Morgan was entertaining and confident on the mic.

"I just thought that Liv Morgan has been somebody to me, that was pushed down my throat when she had the title. I thought she didn't come off as a champion, and they gave her the title too soon. Then they tried to make her like this crazy chick, which I was not buying at all. This Liv Morgan is very, very entertaining. She's very confident and good on the mic," said Konnan.

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