'Looks like he did too' - Fans react as Liv Morgan claims to have liked kissing Dominik Mysterio

WWE: Liv Morgan posted an image of her kissing the image of Dominik Mysterio and claimed to have liked it. The fans reacted to the social media posts of the Women's World Champion.

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Liv Morgan (Source: X)

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Liv Morgan took to X and posted an image of her kissing Dominik Mysterio. The image has gone viral on the internet and the fans are having a fun time talking about the ongoing story between Liv and Judgement Day. Morgan posted an image of her kissing Dominik's image being used in the promotions trucks. With that, she wrote, "I kissed a boy and I liked it."

Most fans seemed to be connected with the story as they supported the love from Liv. On the latest episode of Raw, Morgan said that she liked kissing Mysterio. As she further focused on Dominik, Finn Balor interfered and stopped the duo from getting much closer. Fans pointed out that it seemed like Dominik enjoyed the moments he had with Morgan.

The tweet from Liv came following the latest episode of Raw where she addressed the move to kiss Dominik on Raw last week. After the match against Becky Lynch, Morgan kissed Liv as she felt Mysterio indirectly helped her to win the Women's World Title in the Queen of the Ring and defend the same on Raw in the steel cage match.

Story for Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley

It seems as if the story between Liv and Judgement Day could have a good buildup in the days to come that can potentially implode the faction. After all, the purpose of Morgan is to take everything away from Rhea Ripley she loved. Dominik and Judgement Day are two of the favorite aspects of Rhea's wrestling career. Ripley was taken out by Liv a night after WrestleMania XL.

Morgan has been on her revenge tour which has a lot of factors. While the main purpose of her campaign, winning the world title, has been accomplished, her next goal is to take everything away from Ripley. Mami was responsible for the injury of Liv which forced her to be out of action for a lot of time. The current story between Mysterio and Liv could lead up to Liv vs Rhea.

Here's how the fans reacted to the post of Liv Morgan -

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