Grayson Waller's antics mean Austin Theory to turn face soon

WWE: In the last couple of weeks, Grayson Waller has shown immaturity with his tag team partner Austin Theory. It might well lead to their implosion in the coming days.

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Austin Theory's face turn might be inevitable given how the last few weeks have transpired. And it might happen sooner than later. There seems to be a sense of domination from his tag team partner Grayson Waller who seems to have forgotten that a tag team is possible with the mutual understanding between the two individuals. It might well lead to their implosion in the coming days.

Last week on Smackdown, the former Money in the Bank winner was up against Tomasso Ciampa in a match. It was scheduled to take place to see how the one half of the challenger for the tag team title at the Clash at the Castle would fare against the one half of the tag team champions. Both Theory and Ciampa delivered a good performance in the match.

However, towards the dying moments of the match, Theory heard something he did not expect from Waller. As the commentators referred to Austin's achievements as a solo wrestler, Grayson seemed to be unhappy with it. He went up to Wade Barret and said that Theory is relevant only because of him. The former United States Champion could not believe what her saw and heard.

Grayson Waller forgets to check with Austin Theory

When he enquired with his partner what he meant, Waller tried to give explanation before being pinned by Tomasso. While one could've dismissed a potential implosion as the duo played some fun games in a mall earlier this week, in the latest episode on the Blue Brand, something similar happened. This time around, the Australian wrestler was up against Johnny Gargano.

During the match, Grayson tried to get away from the focus. As Johnny tried to jump on Waller, who was right next to Theory, he moved away from the impact which led to Theory getting hit. While Grayson went on to pin Gargano to claim a win, it did not impress Theory. Neither did Waller care for his partner who got hit because of him. These are the signs of a potential face turn of Theory.

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