Gallus return to TV to take out Josh Briggs, Wes Lee, and Ivar

WWE: Gallus returned to TV in the latest episode of NXT. The trio of Josh Briggs, Wes Lee, and Ivar was taken out towards the end of the show backstage.

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Gallus returned to TV after being in LV shows in recent times. After the main event match on NXT, Gallus were seen attacking the mighty wrestlers of NXT. The trio of Josh Briggs, Ivar, and Wes Lee suffered the wrath of Gallus backstage. After the match between Tony D'Angelo and Charlie Dempsey, the focus went behind the scenes where Gallus were spotted attacking the trio.

Earlier the night, the trio of Ivar, Briggs, and Lee got a title shot at Oba Femi. The trio will take part in a triple-threat match to be the number one contender for Oba. It seems like Gallus would want to be a part of the clash as well. The reason behind the assault is not known yet and might be revealed in the next week of NXT.

Gallus were in action on Live shows. However, they were not a part of the TV shows that have been taking place lately. their last appearance on TV was in February when they had taken part in the gauntlet match against Ridge Holland. However, they played a key role in one of the key wrestlers taking part in the main event of WrestleMania XL.

The Rock's practice session with Gallus

The Rock posted footage of him getting match fit ahead of the event. Gallus were the one that helped the Final Boss to be in the best shape in the ring. It shows how much they are valued as a faction. Right from their days in the NXT UK, the faction did well and delivered great matches. Their in-ring work was second to none and the fans always wished to see them wrestle.

When NXT UK was at its prime, they were the tag team champions. Unfortunately, the disbanding of the show led to the loss of their titles. Yet, they ensured to wreak havoc in the main roster of NXT. This return of Gallus might be significant for the roster as from the looks of it, it seems like they are on a mission. 

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