Drew McIntyre plays mind games with WWE, claims to be looking for opportunities elsewhere

WWE: Drew McIntyre took to X and dropped a bombshell on Adam Pearce and Co. The Scottish Warrior claimed to be looking for opportunities elsewhere amidst suspension.

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Drew McIntyre (Source: WWE)

Drew McIntyre plays mind games with WWE, claims to be looking for opportunities elsewhere (Source: X)

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Drew McIntyre played mind games with Adam Pearce and WWE. The Scottish Warrior took to X and dropped a bombshell on the company with unfriendly explorations. As the Raw GM suspended McIntyre from the roster indefinitely, a report emerged that he would be joining Paradigm. McIntyre reacted to the post and claimed to be looking for new opportunities.

"When one door closes…’ Since I’m officially suspended by WWE, I’ll be looking forward to exploring new opportunities," wrote Drew on X. The fans took to X and reacted to the post in the comments section. They felt Drew did a fantastic job to maintain Kayfabe. The post of McIntyre came probably a bit too late.

Here's the post of Drew McIntyre on X -

Before Drew wrote on X, Adam Pearce had already lifted the suspension from McIntyre. The fans let the 3-time world champion know of the same. It was a kayfabe moment from the star wrestler who replied to the rumours of him joining Paradigm. After Drew got suspended from Raw, there were rumours of him joining different companies. Drew hit the same chord to surprise Pearce and WWE.

Major faceoff expected on Raw

Some of the reports claimed Drew joined TNA given one of their posts on the star a few weeks back. But in all probabilities, Drew would be on Monday Night Raw. One might get to see the first faceoff between CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and McIntyre. It might be the trailer to their long feud which could continue way longer till WrestleMania 41.

The show is likely to have Drew reacting to Seth challenging Punk for a match. The visionary said the second city saint couldn't get his hands on Drew before surpassing him. That might be the start of the triple-threat feud between the three. It might be the best non-title triple-threat feud in the company in a long time. They might not even need to have a title to go against each other. 

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