Drew McIntyre gets title shot after he calls Damian Priest 'Paper Champion'

WWE: Damian Priest allotted Drew McIntyre a shot at the world title after the latter called him a 'Paper Champion'. The schedule for the match is to be decided.

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Drew McIntyre got a title shot at Damian Priest. The Scottish Warrior kicked off Monday Night Raw with a promo addressing CM Punk. In the last couple of weeks, Punk has gotten over the head of Drew. The Chicago-based wrestler regarded Drew as a coward and frustrated him to the core. In the last few weeks, Punk has been mentally damaging the Scottish.

Drew posted a video on Instagram after the promo from Punk in the last week. On Raw, he addressed the last few weeks of Punk's verbal combat. Drew claimed that the coward was not him but Punk who was claimed to be running away from him. McIntyre pointed out that the cult of personality played around with him both weeks and avoided facing him in person.

McIntyre also took a dig at Jey Uso and aimed to settle the deal with him. Uso has replaced the 3-time world champion in the ongoing King of the Ring 2024 tournament. Drew later addressed Priest as a 'paper champion' and claimed him to be lucky to be a world champion. That was when the Judgement Day member entered the ring and addressed a frustrated Drew on the red brand.

Drew McIntyre vs Damian Priest for the world title

Priest reminded Drew of the way he lost the world title at WrestleMania XL. He claimed that Drew stopped him from cashing in on Seth Rollins in the past which stopped the duo from taking on each other in Mania. As Drew claimed that Damian was a paper champion, the world champion reminded the former that he was still a champion. McIntyre was angry as Priest reminded him of the past.

The Judgement Day member still offered Drew a shot at the world title. But he claimed that Scott would not be able to beat him. Damian said that McIntyre is an obsessed individual which cost him the world title. The World Heavyweight Champion added that as long as Drew did not get over Punk, he would not be able to win anything.

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