Dijak's contract to end soon, no update from WWE's end

WWE: Dijak's contract with the company is set to end by June 2024. Reports claim that the talks regarding the extension of the contract haven't happened yet.

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Dijak's contract with WWE is set to end soon. The former NXT star had a great period in the development roster where he had good feuds with many top stars of the roster like Baron Corbin, Josh Briggs, Oba Femi, Noam Dar, and so on. Given his worth as a wrestler, the emerging star got a call-up for Monday Night Raw in the WWE Draft 2024.

Dijak is known to deliver great matches. His character has been good in the 2nd stint with NXT. He was one of the 7 wrestlers who got a main roster call-up. However, just a few weeks after the callup, it seems like his contract is set to end. By the end of June, Dijak's existing contract is set to come to an end. 

Given the calibre of the wrestler, none would want to lose him. It will be a gain for other companies if he ends up not having an extension of his contract with WWE. Reports claim that the Stamford-based company has not yet talked about the extension of his contract. The companies outside WWE might be happy with it, as he is one of the best wrestlers out there.

Can WWE come to terms with Dijak?

Reports claim that many companies are ready to offer huge deals to the star wrestler. In 2017, Dijak debuted in NXT with the ring name of Dominik Dijakovic. His feud with Keith Lee in the period was praised by the fans. In 2020, he got a call-up for the main roster. As the character development was not met well, Dijak was sent back to NXT in 2022.

Till 2024, he did a great job as a star in the roster putting over talents by delivering good matches. His social media presence is good, which might be a factor to consider. If WWE can manage to extend his contract, there is a potential star in the making. Even after that, there is a need for the company to use him efficiently.

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