Top 5 most renowned WWE titles currently

WWE: Check out the top five most prestigious titles currently in WWE. Get more about the significance and legacy of these esteemed championships, and find out about the elite WWE superstars who hold these prestigious honors.

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5 most prestigeous titles in WWE currently

5 most Prestigeous titles in WWE currently (Source: X)

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WWE has some of its best champions in recent times holding the belt. Especially in NXT, they have some brilliant champions. Even in the top rosters, the company has some great names that have put value on the belts. Some of the titles have immense value in the company currently. It is because the wrestlers holding them and competing for them have been involved in good feuds and matches.

Here is the list of the top five most renowned titles in WWE currently :

NXT Championship

The NXT Championship has been the best title in its roster for a long time. While the emergence of a different title has lowered its value by a slight margin, it is still one of the most prestigious titles in WWE. The previous champion Ilja Dragunov was one of the best in the company.

For his successor Trick Williams, WWE has had some good plans. There was a 25-men Battle Royal to determine his challenger. He will now face three wrestlers in a fatal 4-way match at NXT Heatwave in Toronto to defend the title, showing how valuable the title is. 

NXT North American Championship

NXT North American title's value has increased manifold due to its current champion and his feuds. Oba Femi is arguably the most dominant champion currently and looks like an unstoppable force. At WrestleMania XL, he pulled off insane feats to defend the title against Josh Briggs and Dijak.

Since then, his contenders have only gotten better. Oba has faced competitors like Ivar, Briggs, Wes Lee, and Joe Coffey. Oba has an unmatchable aura. He backs it up with good matches and promos. He is probably the best champion in NXT currently and is carrying the title well. 

Undisputed WWE Championship

Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. Since then, his title defences have been good. He produced a couple of great matches against AJ Styles and a good match against Logan Paul. His current feud with the Bloodline could lead to a massive change in Smackdown in the days to come.

The only reason he is third in the list is because his aura is not equivalent to the one carried by Roman Reigns. The credibility of the challengers has not been that great either. Paul was given a title shot out of nowhere and for no benefit. But in the coming days, the title could be more relevant than it currently is.

Intercontinental Championship 

Ever since Gunther took the reign of the Intercontinental title, the worth of the title has been at its all-time high. He set a record and became the longest-reigning IC Champion. His streak of 666 days was ended by Sami Zayn, the current champion, who has not been bad either. His feud has been equally good so far.

The feud with Chad Gable produced some good matches. More importantly, the story between the two was good. It led to the implosion of the Alpha Academy. His current feud with Bron Breakker has once again established the prestige of the title. The result of the match would ensure the value of the title would be held.

World Heavyweight Championship 

The World Heavyweight Championship is the most Prestigious title currently without an iota of doubt. There was a lot of criticism of Damian Priest after cashing in the contract. Many felt he could be a paper champion and a transitional champion. But he has been a very good champion so far. Some of the top wrestlers are behind the title.

The biggest stars of Monday Night Raw like Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Gunther are behind the title. Until WrestleMania 41, it will be the most prestigious title. It all started when Seth became the inaugural champion and elevated the value of the title. Damian has elevated it further and the title will be in safe hands.

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