Top 5 Most Emotional Retirement Moments in WWE History

Here are the top best and most memorable and emotional retirement moments in WWE history

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Fans of WWE don’t like when their favourite wrestlers take retirement. Both fans and wrestlers are unaware of when and how the wrestlers become close to their retirement. Whenever they do, they expect to retire on their terms. Many stars were forced to say goodbye because of injury. Many WWE superstars have to leave when the time comes while others retire. 

Let us take a look at 5 most emotional retirement moments in WWE history:

5. Sting

AEW's Sting looking ahead

Sting made his WWE debut in 2014 and later he became one of the most prominent wrestlers in WWE. Sting announced his retirement in a Hall of Fame induction speech. His fans were in tears after hearing this news.  

4. The Undertaker

The Undertaker retires from WWE | Wwe-wrestling News - The Indian Express

As WWE was getting ready for Wrestle Mania 36, the main event was held between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. The match was held in a Boneyard theme as Undertaker won over AJ Style and took his retirement. Later a documentary was made named The Last Ride to make his official announcement.

3. Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson Doesn't Think His Son Was Fully Prepared For AEW Debut

Arn Anderson was a key member of Double-A that served as the Enforcer to the Four Horsemen. He was one of the most prominent stars in NWA and WCW. After having several surgeries on his left hand he left with no choice as he took retirement from WWE. During his speech, his best friend Ric Flair's eyes were filled with tears.

2. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Explains Retirement Decision During Speech on WWE Raw | News,  Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Daniel Bryan was the most loved superstar in WWE. He started the Yes movement and it became one of the favourites in WWE. Daniel Bryan said goodbye to WWE after WrestleMania XXX. Injuries started to toll him. After that, he underwent neck surgery and went to miss many big events in WWE. On 8th February 2016, Daniel Bryan announced his retirement on the RAW episode.

1. Edge


Edge WWE's career came to an end because of injury. Due to serval injuries on the body, he was forced to take retirement. The main cause of retirement was because of his neck. He took an early retirement from WWE. After WrestleMania 27 Edge took his retirement. During his stint in WWE, he was the World Champion.

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