3 reasons why Chad Gable will dethrone Sami Zayn to become Intercontinental Champion at Clash at the Castle

WWE: In the last month, Chad Gable has delivered a great work as a heel. He is likely to be the next Intercontinental Champion for the following reasons.

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Chad Gable's contract expiry with WWE

Reasons why Chad Gable could dethrone Sami Zayn to become the Intercontinental Champion at Clash at the Castle (Source: X)

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Chad Gable has been on fire since turning heel. After Sami Zayn highlighted the WrestleMania XL by beating Gunther to end his historic run as the Intercontinental Champion, Gable turned against his 'Student' as he failed to beat him in Montreal on Monday Night Raw. Since then, Chad has been up to avenge Zayn who he thinks was responsible for him not being able to get a title shot at Gunther. 

In the last few weeks, Gable has become a stone showing no mercy neither for his opponents, nor for his own teammates in the Alpha Academy. Amidst all of it, his contract with WWE came to an end. Reports claim that the Stamford-based company has a big offer for the top heel. At the Clash at the Castle, Gable will be challenging Zayn for the IC title. Here are the three reasons why he should and will be able to dethrone Sami.

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The big deal from WWE: Referring to Chad Gable's first major singles run

Chad Gable's contract expiry with WWE

Chad Gable's contract with WWE came to end last week. As a part of the contract, he has got a title shot at Sami Zayn at the Clash at the Castle. Reports claim that the Alpha Academy member has received a huge deal from the company. If anything can ensure Gable from moving away from the company, it would be a title reign. Gable has never been a solo champion. A win against Sami would give him his first major title as a solo performer.

A potential massive face turn of Otis

Potential massive face turn of Otis

Otis was the Money in the Bank winner in 2021. WWE made a mess out of all the Money in the Bank winners post pandemic. Otis was a scapegoat of it too, as his cashing in was a disgrace. Since then, he has not been relevant as a wrestler. After the heel turn of Chad, Otis has been getting the attention from the fans. All of a sudden, the mighty wrestler has the back of the fans. If Otis can stand against Gable, it could lead to a great story and a good attention for himself.

Enhancement of the ongoing story of Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy's relevance in WWE

Alpha Academy has been stale for a long time. Despite the addition of Maxxine Dupri and Towaza, the faction never took off. The feuds they had were rather poor and could not connect with the fans. It is only in the last month that every member of the faction is looked by the fans. Not just Otis, even Dupri and Tozawa have got the required leverage. The faction is turning out to have one of the best stories in the roster currently.

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