WATCH: Andy Murray's emotional and iconic tribute video that will bring tears to every fans eyes

Check out the emotional and iconic tribute video of former World number one and multiple Grand Slam winner Andy Murray. A story of a legendary figure in the game.

Aiman Sharma
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Andy Murray (Source- Evening standarad)

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There is no doubt that the big three Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have changed the game of tennis completely and have given us some great moments in the game. There were barely any players who could step up to the greatness of these great players who are regarded as one of the best in the World even today. However, there was only one player who became a major challenge for the three legends.

The player we are talking about is none other than UK legend Andy Murray, who even at the peak of the three managed to be a World number one and also win 3 Grand Slams as well. Murray has won two Wimbledons in 2013 and 2016. Other than that he is also the first British Tennis player to win major tournaments. It is safe to say that it has been a great career which we all enjoyed as fans where he got big victories against the top players in the game.

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The emotional tribute video

Murray has not only had one of the most dramatic careers, but a long one as well and has been playing professionally for 19- years. This is most likely his last Wimbledon season as well which has led to people creating a tribute video for him. The video showed some moments and highlights of his career which also included the highs and the lows. The video also included the big three and Serena Williams as well, who shared their experiences of playing with Murray and witnessing every moment he has been a part of.

Watch the video below-

It will be a tough pill to swallow seeing one of the most iconic players in the game hang his boots, but it was great to see him get the appreciation he deserves before that time comes. It has been a career which all of us have looked forward to seeing the British superstar conquer some great feats during his great career with 46 career titles which include 3 Grand Slams as well. This career will never be forgotten by anyone.

Wimbledon Andy Murray