WATCH: Novak Djokovic furiously walks out of BBC interview after 'constant' poking over Wimbledon incident

In a dramatic turn of events, Novak Djokovic abruptly ends a television interview on Tuesday after a tense exchange with a reporter regarding the Wimbledon controversy

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Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic (Source: X)

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In a dramatic turn of events, Novak Djokovic abruptly ends a television interview, on Tuesday after a tense exchange with a reporter regarding the Wimbledon crowd controversy. The incident occurred shortly after Djokovic's fourth-round victory over Holger Rune, a match marked by the Serb's visible frustration with the crowd at Centre Court.

The tension was palpable from the outset of the interview. Djokovic, maintaining his composure, responded to three consecutive questions about his accusations against the crowd, whom he felt were 'disrespecting' him during his straight-sets win over Rune. The atmosphere grew increasingly strained as the reporter persisted with questions on the same topic.

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The 24-time Grand Slam champion, visibly agitated, eventually asked the reporter if there were any other topics to discuss, highlighting his frustration with the repeated focus on the crowd's behaviour. His patience finally wore thin, leading him to abruptly leave the interview alongside his representative.

BBC confirms controversy on social media

The BBC, which conducted the interview, later confirmed the incident on social media. "Novak Djokovic walked away from our post-match interview last night after we asked him about his reaction to some of the Centre Court crowd," BBC Sport stated in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

The broadcaster explained that the questions revolved around Djokovic's on-court comments where he labelled a segment of the crowd as 'disrespectful' and accused them of booing him. In the post-match interview that precipitated the controversy, Novak Djokovic expressed his gratitude for the majority of supportive fans but didn't hold back on criticizing those he felt crossed a line. 

"As I said in the post-match interview, I think most of the people in the stadium were respectful and I thank them. I was thankful, I don't take it for granted, they are a big part of why I still play," Djokovic remarked. He further stated, "When I feel that a crowd is stepping over the line, I react, I don't regret my words or actions on the court."

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However, when the reporter persisted with further questions about the crowd's behaviour, Djokovic's patience wore thin. "Do you have any questions other than the crowd? Are you focused only on that or any questions about the match, or something like that? Or is it solely focused on that? This is the third question already. I said what I have to say, maybe we can speak about something else," he retorted.

Novak Djokovic