WATCH: Maria Sharapova reacts to her 2004 iconic Wimbledon triumph

Maria Sharapova revisits her incredible 2004 Wimbledon victory by defeating Serena Williams in the finals. Going back to one of the iconic moments in the game.

Aiman Sharma
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Maria Sharapova (Source- Youtube)

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The game of tennis has witnessed numerous exceptional players so far and all of us are thrilled to go back to those moments of greatness which we witnessed. Wimbledon is the Grand Slam event that has given us these great moments which we will never forget in our entire lifetime. After all, this is a legendary tournament that has given us a lot of great moments.

One of the tournaments that had given us one of the legendary figures in the game is the 2004 tournament. The player we will be talking about is the Russian sensation Maria Sharapova, who became one of the biggest stars in the game to watch out for. The Siberian Siren went on to win 5 Grand Slams and be a world number 1. We can easily say a legend was born on that day.

Sharapova goes back to the glory days

The legend has been retired from the game for a long time, but she is still a renowned figure in the game. Sharapova started becoming a sensation after she beat the dominant Serena Williams in the 2004 final to win her first-ever Grand Slam title at the age of 17. Sharapova in a recent video also went back to the glorious day and relived the moments and excitement of winning the tournament. Seeing her reaction reminds all of us how big the moment was when she won the Wimbledon final.

Watch the video below-

It was great to go back to this moment along with Maria Sharapova who showed us how much this victory meant to her in the long run. She not only one of the biggest titles in the game but also beat one of the most dominant players the World had ever seen. This was truly a moment for the legendary figure and the fans to witness over and over again.


Wimbledon Maria Sharapova