'I was just relieved because ...'- Former world number 1 Andy Roddick shows concern for Novak Djokovic after bottle accident

Andy Roddick shows his concern after Novak Djokovic's bottle accident in Rome which caused a serious injury to the world number 1. Former world number relieved it was not intentional.

Aiman Sharma
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andy roddick and novak djokovic

Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic(Source- SportsKeeda)

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Though the dominance of the Holy Trinity is more or less done, we still have Novak Djokovic, who is dominating the game so far and has held his number 1 ranking. However, this has been a rather underwhelming season so far for the Serbian Powerhouse who is yet to win a title. The last time we saw Djokovic this season was in the Monte Carlo Masters where he lost the semi-finals to Casper Ruud. After withdrawing from Madrid, he was set to play in the Italian Open in Rome.

Novak Djokovic made it through to the next round after beating Corentin Moutet in the second round of the tournament in two straight sets. Djokovic is set to play against Alejandro Tablio in the third round. Though the last match was a one-sided contest, which Djokovic won easily, the Serbian faced a terrible accident as a plastic bottle fell on his head which got everyone concerned on the day. The fans are just relieved that there was no serious damage that could cause problems for Djokovic going forward. 

Roddick shares his concern

Many worried fans and professionals shared their concerns over the matter, but one of the most iconic people who have shown concern is former world number 1 USA player Andy Roddick. The former player gives a statement mentioning the accident showing his relief that it was not intentional saying " When you first see this, you hope it's not some like butthead fan doing something ridiculous." Roddick was also happy that Djokovic would be fit enough to play in the next round and that the bottle did not do some severe damage.

Roddick finally ended his statement stating "I was just relieved because the first videos we saw were from this angle right here, where it's like you hope a fan isn't dropping it on purpose, isn't throwing it. Listen, it fell out of a backpack, it was just a complete accident." This was a statement that not only showed concern towards the player but also concerned about the damage it would have caused him as well. This was a clear statement which showed a former sportsman standing up for another sportsman.

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