WATCH: Mariah May stops potential brawl between Toni Storm and Mina Shirakawa

Pro Wrestling: In the latest episode of Collision, Mariah May acted as a mediator between Toni Storm and Mina Shirakawa. The star wrestler has a history with both competitors.

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Mariah May acted as a mediator in the latest episode of Collision. The star wrestler had a match against Saraya earlier in the night. While the match did not go as per her wish, May certainly stopped a brawl that could have taken place. Though Mariah gave a great performance, she fell short against Saraya who used opportunities on offer. She had the last laugh over May.

As Saraya claimed a win over Mariah via pinfall, she got excited and attacked the opponents along with her mates. As Harley Cameron joined the former WWE Superstar in the attack, May was outnumbered. Even someone like Toni could not stop the duo. To even the odds, in came Mina to the rescue of the champion. She successfully helped Storm and Mariah from getting beaten.

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Shirakawa helped Storm and Mariah escape from the duo of Saraya and Harley. However, it seemed as if Toni was not too happy with Mina. The two started to smash each other. Mariah got back to her senses and intervened to stop a potential brawl between the two. The crowd liked the fact that no damage was done. May acted as the mediator and took neither side.

Toni Storm to defend her title against Mina Shirakawa

It is worth noting that May has a history with both of them. In the past, May was a tag team partner with Mina and formed a good duo. They produced some good matches before Shirakawa caught up with an injury. As the latter took a bit of time to recover from the injury, Mariah joined the force of Toni and has been doing well since then. She has been quite a charm since then.

When Mina returned to the company, she had a kiss with May. Storm loved Mariah too. Hence, it was more of a dilemma for Mariah to support either of them. The star wrestler hence chose to support neither of them. She consoled both of them and stopped them from punching each other. Toni and Mina will be up against each other as the AEW Women's title will be on the line.

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