Timeless Toni Storm and Mariah May claim win against Saraya and Harley Cameron, only to be taken out by Serena Deeb

Pro Wrestling: Serena Deeb sent a message to Timeless Toni Storm ahead of Double or Nothing. In the tag team match, Toni Storm and Mariah May beat Saraya and Harley Cameron.

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Serena Deeb sent a final statement to Timeless Toni Storm before their faceoff in Double or Nothing. After the tag team match between Toni and Mariah May took place against Saraya and Harley Cameron, Toni resorted to her antics of targeting Deeb. But the challenger did not allow the champion to take a dig at her, as she soon came to the ring to make a statement.

Just when Storm was about to remove her clothes behind the Deebs Dojo flag, Serena attacked from behind with a steel chair. She first takes out their manager and smashes Mariah May with the chair. Deeb delivered a head butt and took down the champion. After a tiring match, Toni could not counter Deeb and fell prey to the intelligent attack. 

Deeb took out her heels and smashed the head of Toni. She later placed the steel chair on her body and held on to her leg lock. The storm was visible in pain and tapped out pleading to get out of the clutch. Referees and Security guards had to intervene to stop the torture. It happened after Toni and Mariah won against Saraya and Harley. The match was a fast-paced one.

Toni Storm and Mariah May kiss their opponents

The crowd was involved in it and chanted "This is Awesome". To everyone's surprise, Mariah and Storm had a brilliant strategy to outfox their opponents. The duo kissed their respective opponents and held them out of focus. They took advantage of the situation and gained control of the match. All wrestlers gave their everything and put on a show. The match was mostly dominated by Toni and May.

The duo gave little to no chance for Saraya and Harley. There were head butts shared between Storm and Saraya. As the duo punched each other, there were 'Boos' and 'Yays'. In the end, Storm and May claimed an impressive win. Before their party could start, Deeb interrupted and gave her statement. She will be hoping to end the title run of Storm in Double or Nothing.

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