Darby Allin returns to save team AEW from the Elite, becomes fourth member of allies

Pro Wrestling: Darby Allin returned to Dynamite and saved the team AEW from the attack of the Elite. In the process, he joined the allies of AEW to take on the Elite on Double or Nothing.

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Darby Allin

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Darby Allin returned to Dynamite to help the team of AEW. The Elite attacked Max Harwood after the match against Kazuchika Okada. The AEW Continental Champion successfully defended his title against Harwood after a good match. Following the win, Okada started to attack Harwood. He was joined by his teammates, the young Bucks and Jack Perry.

Harwood had the backing of the team of AEW who came to his rescue. Eddie Kingston got injured last week and the team of AEW was a member short. The attack got intense from the Elite as they had the numbers in their favor. The crowd started to chant 'CM Punk' as a sign of trigger to Jack Perry. That was when Darby entered the ring. He came from behind to take on the Elite.

Earlier this week, it was Allin himself who had confirmed the fact that Eddie was injured. He has been out of action since March 13 due to an injury. In the match against Jay White, he broke his foot. In a social media post, he also confirmed a bus accident where he claimed to have broken his nose. Following the incidents, not many thought of a quick return from him.

Darby Allin replaces Eddie Kingston

Darby, however, surprised everyone with his return. He helped the team of AEW to gain the advantage. Bryan Danielson and the rest of the members soon recovered and dominated the Elite. It was a proper message sent to the faction by the team of AEW. Later in the night, it was confirmed that Allin would be the replacement of Kingston for the upcoming PPV event in the team of AEW.

In Double or Nothing, the team of AEW will face the team of the Elite. Perry, Okada, and the Young Bucks will take on Allin, Bryan, and the FTR. It will be an Anarchy in the Arena match. The team of AEW has a good chance of stopping the havoc caused by the Elite in the roster since their reunion. 

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