Bryan Danielson puts forth his wish to retire in certain way

AEW: In a recent interview, Bryan Danielson spoke about the way he wishes to see his last match happen. The AEW Star spoke about one of the early memories of watching Wrestling.

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Bryan Danielson has expressed his wish to retire as a full-time wrestler in a certain way. In September 2023, the AEW star claimed that it would be his last year as a full-time wrestler, as he wished to spend time with the family. From here on, it is likely that Bryan might be a part-time wrestler. It seems like Danielson has a way in which he wishes his match to pan out.

Daniel will be teaming up with Eddie Kingston, Dax Harwood, and Cash Wheeler to take on The Elite in the Double or Nothing in an Anarchy in the Arena match. In a recent interview, Bryan felt it would be nice to wrestle his last match as a full-time wrestler at WrestleDream at the Tacoma Dome. The reason behind it being his first match ever witnessed.

While Bryan was not sure if it could happen, he felt that would be the best way to cap off his career as a full-time wrestler. Daniel explained the reason behind the venue for the match. He said that the match between Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude was the first one he saw, which happened in WWF (Now WWE) back in time.

'My dad howled about that until the day he died' - Bryan Danielson

The former World Champion claimed that it was the first time he and his sister saw a male b**t cheek. The former WWE Superstar claimed that they talked about it with their dad till he passed away. Daniel spoke about the match and seemed to have fond memories. He remembered Ultimate Warrior's sunset flips to Rick Rude and several other moments of the match.

“The Ultimate Warrior sunset flips Rick Rude, Rick Rude’s back and butt is facing directly towards us and then Ultimate Warrior pulls down his pants, we see his butt-cheeks and my sister’s cheeks go bright red. My dad howled about that until the day he died," said Bryan. The AEW star was reported to retire as a full-time wrestler in London. Nothing has been confirmed as of now.

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