WATCH: iShowSpeed refuses to buy Alisha Lehmann a Rolex

IRL streamer iShowSpeed has once again made headlines after refusing to buy a Rolex for football star Alisha Lehmann after getting annoyed at the final moment.

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iShowSpeed Alisha Lehmann

iShowSpeed denies Alisha Lehmann a Rolex (Image - YouTube)

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Popular YouTuber iShowSpeed who recently visited Switzerland found himself with Swiss female football star, Alisha Lehmann at the Rolex store. Speed is known for his IRL streams and celebrities in them are quite common, so at first, it was a regular content for his fans.

At first, Speed was ready to get her a Rolex, although the streamer looked a bit conflicted, he was onboard to get the football star an expensive watch. He asks which one she wanted, to which Lehmann pointed towards one costing over $11,000.

He then asked his chat if they should do it or not, during which she said, “I’m married and have a boyfriend so you don’t need to do this stuff,” which seems to change Speed’s mind. Lehmann said he can buy the Rolex for her as a friend, to which speed replied, “my friend, Alisha, I love you, but I'm sorry,” refusing her request for a Rolex.

Alisha Lehmann recently left Aston Villa and signed a multi-million contract with Juventus. While the amount wasn’t disclosed, many rumours suggest that it was around £50 million. Her boyfriend, Douglas Luiz, a Brazilian Footballer who also signed with Juventus.

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Speed fans roast Lehmann in comments

This made the fans confused, as to why a millionaire would ask for a gift they could afford. Fans in the comment section were roasting Lehmann for having millions and asking Speed to buy her a Rolex. One of them suggested that she shouldn’t have mentioned that she is married or has a boyfriend if asking for a gift from someone, while others said she should ask her boyfriend for that.

Others also called the act embarrassing to her boyfriend. “NGL that girl made herself look awful for the short time she was on Speed’s stream, her personality kinda stinks,” one of the comments said.

Speed also recently made headlines after he was attacked during his visit to Norway, Hundreds of people came to see him in person, during which chaos ensued. A video also showed people pulling on to his hair while he was being escorted to safety by the bodyguards. His visit to Switzerland, however, seems to be going fine.