Bayern Munich star Jamal Musiala sends a message to Chelsea FC after failed transfer of Michael Olise

German Football star Jamal Musiala sends a message to Chelsea FC after the blowout transfer of Michael Olise. How much will this cost the popular English club?

Aiman Sharma
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This might be the time when international football is breaking the barrier with the Euros and Copa America making the headlines, but this is also the time as the transfer market is also trending with a lot of players getting traded into new teams this season. This has been a tournament which has given us some great matches this season with the nations competing to become either European or American champions.

The team that has made the most noise in this summer transfer market is English club Chelsea FC, who have a great number of players within their squad. There is a lot of money on the line for the Blues and they have some big players in their targets going forward as well. However, there have also been some transfers which haven't gone through with the club and some of these are a talented set of players.

'He's super talented...'

One of the major fails for Chelsea is the blowout transfer of Michael Olise who was also part of their academy this season. Olise had some great performances for Crystal Palace last season and was set to dawn the Blue jersey. Unfortunately, Olise chose to sign the deal with one of the most decorated German clubs Bayern Munich. This was perhaps one of the biggest transfer failures for the team. This also means that Olise will join his fellow Chelsea academy player Jamal Musiala who is another upcoming star in football. Musiala was happy with the news saying, "We used to play together in Chelsea Academy, it was nice! He’s super talented, his skills are excellent. He has scored many goals at Palace so I’m happy that he’s joining Bayern.”

This might be out of context, but the way Jamal brought up that they both played for the academy seemed to imply that the team missed out on a really good player for the upcoming season. This was a subtle message to the side on how they let such a talented player go. It will be great to see these two former Chelsea academy mates play together this season in one of the most popular clubs in the world.


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