WATCH: Top 3 Moments for Team Soul at BGIS 2024 Grand Finals

Find out the top 3 thrilling moments for Team Soul at the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals. From clutch plays to strategic brilliance, see how they kept up with the competition and delivered unforgettable performances!

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Team Soul at BGIS 2024

Team Soul at BGIS 2024 Grand Finals (Source - Instagram)

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One can certainly say that Team Soul disappointed their fans at the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals after an incredible start on the first day. Not only did the team have a massive chicken dinner, but was also on the top of the leaderboard.

The second day wasn’t as fruitful as the first, despite securing another chicken dinner. In fact, Team Soul was the first team at the BGIS Grand Finals to secure two chicken dinners. Sadly, with their performance, other teams started catching up, and they were pushed to the fourth spot, which wasn’t too bad and certainly recoverable in the final day. Sadly, that also did not happen.

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Fans would argue that if only Team Soul kept their performance up, they would be the one lifting the trophy. However, it is easy to say as there are multiple factors that affect how much the team is in advantage like zone, third party and more. Furthermore, the team tried their best among other talented players, don’t believe us? Here are the Top 3 Moments for Team Soul at BGIS 2024 Grand Finals.

Huge Victory for Team Soul on Day 1

Team Soul set the record for the highest amount of finishers in a single match on Day 1 which was chased and matches by Global Esports, but they were not able to break it until the second day. The game saw the team lose one player early on, however, they still managed to take down their opponents until the victory is in the bag.

Team Tamilas get ambushed

Nothing is more terrifying than getting ambushed from all sides on a man's disadvantage in BGMI and Team Tamilas faced the same situation. After getting an idea of where all the players were, Team Soul went around to deny any exit to Team Tamilas and secure some easy finisher points.

Team XSpark faced the fury

Another match where Team Soul proved they were not ready to give up just yet and went face to face with the top contender, Team XSpark. All players for XSpark were spread across multiple compounds and in order to tackle that, Soul pushed in a group, taking them down one by one and denying them any further points. However, the team still went on to secure the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals.