WATCH: Top 3 moments for our BGIS 2024 Grand Final runner ups Global Esports

Check out the top 3 moments for Global Esports at BGIS 2024 Grand who helped them land in the second spot and showcase how well-rounded the entire team is.

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Global Esports at BGIS 2024 (Source - GE)

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Global Esports was one of the most dominating teams in the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals. They saw themselves going against Team Soul and Team XSpark over three days. While the team wasn’t able to secure the Championship, they managed to secure a second spot, with NinjaBoi taking multiple MVP awards.

What set the team apart was their resilience. While many teams saw some huge leaps on the final day, Global Esports dominated each day even after a bad start. Day 1 saw them chasing Team Soul and overtaking them the next day to secure the top spot. If was only after halfway through the third day, Team XSpark replaced them. Here are the Top three moments for Global Esports at BGIS 2024.

Ending Day 1 with a dominating victory

Day 1 for BGIS Grand Finals saw the team fumble in the opening matches with many fans doubtful if they could recover the game anymore. However, the team managed to steal the final chicken dinner after an intense three-way battle. The team made an insane recovery to take down Aaru gaming and reckoning esports and match Team Soul for the highest score in a single game.

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None Shall Pass

Want to enter the safe zone, you will need to pay tax to Global Esports if they are on guard duty and sadly, it will be with your life. FS Esports learned about this on the second day when they stumbled upon GE With zone disadvantage and an open field to cross, GE ended their run with a precise grenade finish.

Defeating the former champions

Mogo Esports had all they needed to win, but the team wasn’t able to perform like the BGIS 2023. They also faced GE on one occasion in an intense 3v3. While both teams were able to equalize the fight, Mavi made a flank to give the team an upper hand, after which, the last player was also taken down shortly with another grenade finish.