Saumay set to be fifth man for Team Soul BGMI team at BGMS 2024

Soul Sid has now confirmed the leaks regarding BGMI player EG Saumay joining Soul are true, and the player will join them at the BGMS Season 3 as the fifth man.

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Saumay to join Team Soul

Saumay to join Team Soul as 5th man (Image - One Game Esports)

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Rumours regarding Saumay joining Team Soul’s BGMI have now been confirmed. In a recent stream, Soul Sid revealed that the new player will be joining the team as their fifth man and will be playing at the upcoming BGMI Master Series Season 3.

Saumay is known for his clutches who came to the limelight after joining Enigma Gaming. His gameplay has garnered him a lot of fans, however, not much is known about the player just yet. He was also the top fragger during the recent One Game Pro Championship quarterfinals, which could be one of the reasons for getting scouted by Team Soul.

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The reveal from Sid also shocked the fans, as they were not expecting him to outright confirm the leaks about their new player. He also revealed that fans can think of him joining as a try-out for the upcoming BGMS Season 3. If the results are great, the player will be joining the team permanent member.

Official announcement yet to come

Esports (Source: Instagram)

Although Team Soul is yet to make an official announcement, Sid's confirmation is enough for the fans. Sid also recently changed his role from team manager to content creator. He joined Soul back in 2021 and during his time as the manager, the team have seen multiple success stories.

Talking about the reasoning, Sid simply said that he is looking for a stable career where he can have fun making content. Ayogi, who was previously the analyst for Team Soul, will now be taking over the role. He was previously the coach for Blind Esports.

The signing comes after the BGIS 2024 grand finals, where Team Soul finished in fourth spot, which was good, but fans would bet that the team could have performed much better. They are now hoping that the changes across the team will help improve upon their past mistakes.