Wicked Battles 2024 the road to BGMI Masters Series 2024; all competing teams and format

Nodwin Gaming has now revealed all 16 teams qualified for the upcoming Wicked Battles 2024, top three team will secure a spot at BGMI Masters Series 2024.

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Wicked Battles 2024

Wicked Battles 2024, All you need to know (Image - Nodwin)

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With the OneBalde Cup Qualifier now concluded, it’s time for the second round of BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) 2024 and this time we will have three underdog teams seeing themselves on the big stage. The Wicked Battles 2024 is all set to start on July 10 and will be featuring 16 teams.

Unlike the OneBalde Cup, this event will be featuring three sports for the BGMS 2024, however, there’s a catch. Despite being underdogs, a fair amount of teams have already proven their skills to the BGMI fans across multiple tournaments and are well known in the competitive scene. This will make the fights much more intense.

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The tournament will follow the same format as OneBalde Cup, with the teams playing 10 matches across two days. This means that the teams will have to be at their best for the duration of all matches, as they do not have time to warm up or assess other teams. Having an early lead across matches that last for less number of days is always beneficial.

Here are all the teams competing at Wicked Battles 2024

Rivals Ape X

Inferno Squad

Rivalry Esports

Sygnous Esports

Royal Emperor WH

Heart Broken Esports


Aqua Reign

Lucknow Giants

Vasista Esports

GenXFM Esports

Indian Falcons

Red Devils


Velocity Gaming

Windgod Esports

These teams made their way through the open qualifiers and will compete across 10 matches played over the course of two days. Among the competing teams, we also have some popular names from the recent BGIS 2024 Grand Finals. These include Inferno Squad and Vasista Esports, although Vasista recently signed a new BGMI roster.

Regardless of that, the competition will be tough as other popular names like Velocity Gaming, Windgod Esports and GenXFM Esports are also on the list. The teams that qualify through the Wicked Battles 2024 will complete the 24-team list set to compete at the BGMS 2024.