Valorant Patch 8.11 set to nerf two agents with the highest pick rate

Riot Games is set to drop a major patch for multiple agent ability buffs and nerfs in an upcoming update for Valorant, check out all changes here.

New Update

Valorant (Source - Riot Games)

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Patch 8.11 for Valorant is set to release on June 11 and is going to bring a combination of major nerfs and buffs to some agents. The nerfs come to some of the most picked agents in the game, while the buffs are for the two most underused agents.

The general vibe for the patch feels like Riot Games is now trying to encourage players to play with characters, which has always been the goal for any PvP game. Keeping the game in a single meta is also unhealthy for the community.

Here are all the agent changes coming in Patch 8.11 -


One of the most popular characters since release, Clove has been the go-to for many now due to their abilities. Clove can heal, self-revive and smoke even after death which is very powerful in the game.


Cost increased from 100 to 200

Duration reduced from 10s to 8s

Damaging Assist Time to activate reduced from 10s to 6s

Not Dead Yet

Cost increased from 7 to 8

Unequip Delay increased from .7 to .8

Smoke assist will no longer help Clove survive the fighting state


Players who picked Raze usually enjoyed her movement ability using Blast Pack, however, the upcoming update is set to nerf some of the movement ability.

Blast Pack

Satchels will no longer explode for damage/knockback upon opponent destruction.

Horizontal velocity using a satchel is reduced.

Satchel explosion will now be audible from far away.


With Reyna having the highest pick rate, Riot Games has now decided on a rework for her abilities. The update gives her both buffs and nerfs.


Healing decreased from 100 to 50

Full heal time reduced from 3s to 2s

Overheal armour no longer decays


Speed increased from 9.1 meters/second to 12 meters/second

Duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s


Super ability is now permanent and will only disable either on death or round conclusion


The upcoming update will see Iso get some crucial buffs that will make the agent less dependent on kills to gain shields and further encourage players to take more fights.

Double Tap

Iso will now get a shield after a short 1s animation

Charges decreased from 2 to 1, however, two kills will return the charge.

On breaking Iso’s shield, players will now get slowed much less

Double Tap can be recast while active to refresh the duration


Neon was created for faster entry and movement, her ability to rework focuses on much smoother gameplay, allowing players to sprint and slide more combat-ready and remove any weapon errors.

Fast Lane

Fast Lane (C) dissipates from behind to minimize the noise in combat

Duration reduced from 6s to 4s

Wall Dissolve duration reduced from 1s to 2s

Fast Lane’s (C) audio has been updated

High Gear (Sprint)

Max Sprint Speed increased from 6.73 meters/second to 9.11 meters/second

Full Fuel Regen changed from 60s to 20s

Ability will no longer reduce strafe speed

High Gear (Slide)

Charges increased from 1 to 2

The second Slide now Costs 150

Fixed weapon movement error

Relay Bolt

Charges reduced from 2 to 1

Windup delay reduced from 1.1s to .8s

Concuss Duration increased from 3s to 3.5s