Race for Fortnite Esports World Cup continues as remaining regions to conclude closed qualifiers

Fortnite ongoing regional closed qualifiers for Fortnite Esports World Cup are set to conclude with the final eight teams joining the race soon.

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Fortnite Esports World Cup

Fortnite to complete line-up for the Esports World Cup (Image - EWC)

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ESL’s Fortnite tournament have a long way to go, commencing on August 8, however, the race for the Esports World Cup is currently on. A few of the teams have already secured their spot in the event through the recent Fortnite DreamHack Dallas, while others are soon to join them through the closed regional qualifiers.

As of now, Eight teams have already made their way to the Esports World Cup via the Fortnite DreamHack Dallas and a few regional qualifiers. Eight more from Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Asia Pacific qualifiers will join them very soon.

Europe, North America and Latin America will see two grand finalists from closed qualifiers join the list. The Middle East and Asia Pacific will see one team from each region. All of these regional qualifiers are set to conclude on July 7, so fans do not need to wait any longer to see the final eight teams in the event.

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Current teams include -

  • Team Falcons (DreamHack Dallas)
  • Agent Gaming (DreamHack Dallas)
  • Karmine Corp (DreamHack Dallas)
  • Heroic (DreamHack Dallas)
  • Fnatic (DreamHack Dallas)
  • BIG (DreamHack Dallas)
  • Best Team (MENA Qualifier)
  • PWR (Oceanic Qualifier)

A new format to the Battle Royale game by ESL

While Fortnite is a Battle Royale game, the tournament series started by ESL has been catching the eyes of many. The games are played in an arena shooter style with game modes like Capture the Flag and Hardpoint with levels designed using Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Furthermore, the Esports World Cup will also see a new Search & Destroy game mode in the mix. The format was very well received by Fortnite Fans during the DreamHack Dallas. It was hard to imagine an arena shooter tournament in a Battle Royale game. Although, it certainly wouldn’t have been possible with the features like the Unreal Editor.