OneBalde Cup Qualifier Finals Day 1 overview; Road to BGMS 2024

Sixteen Underdog teams clash at OneBalde Cup Qualifier Finals in order to secure the single spot at the BGMS 2024 Season and face veterans in the BGMI scene.

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OneBalde Cup Day 1

OneBalde Cup Day 1 overview (Image - Nodwin Gaming)

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The race for the final two sports at BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 3 is on, and 16 teams are currently fighting for one of the spots at the OneBalde Cup Qualifier Finals. The first day saw 16 underdog teams fighting to secure the top of the leaderboard for an advantage on the final day.

CS Esports and Sarkar Gaming managed to put up a great performance, taking over the leaderboard, while a few others were close behind and ready to give their all on the final day, keeping their hopes of securing a spot at the BGMS alive.

The opening match was secured by CS Esports with a 16-point chicken dinner, followed by RK Esports with 19 points. CS Esports once again solidified their spot on the leaderboard by securing their second chicken dinner, demanding everyone to fear them.

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Falcon Esports, who were watching from the sideline of Top 5 finally managed to secure the last match of the game. This much-needed win helped them land in the top three spots on the first day.

Here are the overall standings after Day 1

CS Esports - 65 points

Sarkar Gaming - 62 points

Falcon Esports - 59 points

RK Esports - 53 points

Future X - 44 points

Do Or Die - 30 points

Myth Official  - 21 points

Gamehub Esports - 19 points

Skeleton Gaming - 16 points

Team Viper - 15 points

Echo Gaming - 15 points

NXW Vomex - 14 points

Redx Esports - 13 points

Agile Warriors - 11 points

Team Blitzers - 7 points

Aztec Esports - 6 points

While the tournament does not feature any prize pool, it is currently providing underdog teams exposure among the audience while also giving them a chance to compete at the BGMS 2024 As mentioned, one team from OneBalde Cup will move to the main event among the 20 invited teams.

Seasons 1 and 2 for BGMS feature massive prize pools of Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 2.1 crore respectively. This year is also expected to feature a similar prize pool, and four underdog teams will get a chance to go against veterans like Team Soul, Global Esports and many others.