When and how to watch OneBlade Cup Finals, Road to BGMS Season 3?

Esports: OneBlade Cup finals will be important for the teams that wish to take part in the BGMS Season 3. The schedule and the viewing platform for the tournament are out.

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When and how to watch OneBlade Cup Finals, Road to BGMS Season 3?

When and how to watch OneBlade Cup Finals, Road to BGMS Season 3? (Source: X)

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The final round of the One Blade Cup Finals is set to take place on the 8th and 9th of July 2024. On the road to BGMS Season 3, a team will get an opportunity to face each other once in the tournament. Only one team will qualify further to the BGMS Season 3, which will take place on the 19th of July later this month. All the matches of the final stage will be played in two days.

The live streaming of the matches will take place on Nodwin Gaming's YouTube channel. The team winning the final round will be sponsored by the Philips One Blade for the rest of the season. After the ongoing qualifiers round, 16 teams have managed to qualify for the final. Registrations for the final round were open from the 26th of June to the 2nd of July.

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The qualifier for the final round took place from the 3rd to the 6th of June last month. In India, the matches will be streamed live on Nodwin Gaming's YouTube channel at 5 PM (IST). Rai and Shadow are set to be the commentators for the matches. Some of the Semi-Sports teams that participated in the BGIS 2024 have made it to the final of the OneBlade.

Qualified teams for BGMS Season 3

The likes of GameHub, Do-or-die, and CS Esports have entered the finals of the round. There are a total of 24 slots in the BGMPS Season 3. Out of the remaining 8 slots, one will be selected from the OneBlade Cup final while 3 others will be up for grabs in the TVS Raider Tournament. The invited teams will complete the rest of the slots. they will be played on the 11th of August 2024 online and offline.

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The information regarding the prize pool, format, and others are not yet revealed. Here are the 16 teams that have qualified so far -

  • Gamehub Esports
  • Agile Warriors
  • Falcon Esports
  • Team Viper
  • Sarkar Gaming
  • Echo Gaming
  • CS Esports
  • Myth Official
  • Team Blitzers
  • NXW Vomex
  • Skeleton Gaming
  • RK Esports
  • Redx Esports
  • Aztec Esports
  • Future X
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