MLBB Mid Season Cup; Liquid Echo and Selangor Red Giants moves to semifinals

Liquid Echo and Selangor Red Giants become the first teams to secure MLBB Mid-Season Cup semifinals at the Esports World Cup, with two more to follow soon.

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Selangor Red Giants

Selangor Red Giants secure semifinals at MLBB Mid-Season 2024 (Image - EWC)

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Liquid Echo has now sent Falcon Esports back home in the Knockout Stage for the MLBB Mid-Season Cup at the Esports World Cup. The team recently entered the competitive MLBB scene after acquiring STUN.GG, giving them two line-ups of AURA Esports and ECHO.

In the best-of-five match-up, Liquid had quite an easy time with their opponents and quickly secured the first two matches, already breaking the spirit of Falcon Esports. The team also had a dominating group stage run, so this much was expected by the fans.

Falcon Esports put up a fight, dragging the game for some time before eventually securing their first game, however, it was all for nought as Liquid wrapped up the series with another victory and moved on to the semifinals.

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Selangor Red Giants secures a hard-fought victory

This one was one of the best games at the MLBB Mid-Season Cup, with both Selangor Red Giants and Fire Flux Esports going back and forth with each other. Red Giants secured the opening game as Fire Flux went ahead to equalize the lead.

This went for another round, bringing the game into the decider match, which was secured by the Red Giants knocking Fire Flux out after an intense battle. Perhaps, if Fire Flux had secured the first game, they would be the one going into the semifinals.

With both matches done and dusted, Liquid Echo and Selangor Red Giants now await their opponents as See You Soon are going against Falcons AP. Bren with the winner set to go against Liquid, while the winner of NIP Flash Vs HomeBois will meet Red Giants. The HomeBois have come a long way, making their way into the Knockout Stage through wild card entry. They have only lost a single game till now against Liquid and should be a good match for NIP Flash.