m0NESY to miss out on CS2 BLAST Premier Spring Finals

G2 to place with a substitute once again after star AWPer m0NESY faces Visa issues, coach TaZ to step in as 5th for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

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G2 Esports m0NESY (Source - ESL)

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Few days prior to the BLAST Premier Spring Finals for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), G2 Esports have confirmed speculations regarding another missing player and this time, the star AWPer, m0NESY will be sitting out due to Visa issues.

In an official post on X regarding the situation, G2 said, “Due to wanting to recreate the success from Dallas (VISA issues) m0NESY will not be travelling to London for Blast, so we will be playing with a stand in”.

The saw itself in a similar situation during the IEM Dallas, where G2 had to bring in a stand-in for Hooxi as he had to miss the tournament due to his sister’s wedding. Replacing Hooxi temporarily was everyone’s beloved Stewie2k who lifted the trophy with G2 in an insane run.

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This time around, Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, coach for G2 and former Counter-Strike pro, will be filling in for m0NESY. TaZ’s team, “Team Pentagram”, were the first champions of the IEM event that took place in Hannover, and he was also able to witness the same as a coach at the 100th IEM. “IEM 1 and IEM 100 champion Taz will be stepping in as our stand-in,” G2 followed up.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals to test G2 Esports

With the star AWPer gone, the pressure on TAZ to perform is even bigger. Other players on the team saw a dip in performance but have once again climbed back. However, m0NESY has been the top performer for G2 Esports since the beginning of 2024.

Furthermore, the Spring Finals will see some big names including Team Vitality, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan and others. G2 is currently matching up with Team Spirit in the first round of Group Stages. While G2 fans are hopeful, the upcoming matches might prove to be a challenge without a dedicated AWPer.