LoL Esports announces additional international event starting 2025

Riot Games is set to introduce a new international event for LoL Esports starting in 2025 alongside a revised format to make things interesting for viewers.

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MSI 2024 LoL Esports (Source - Riot Games)

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In a recent blog update, Riot Games provided an update regarding LoL Esports and revealed an additional international event for League of Legends coming in 2025. Alongside that, there is also a Fearless Draft Mode and a New Split Structure. Let’s have a closer look at them.

New international LoL Esports event

League of Legends can currently be called the most popular esports title, however, fans have been asking for more from a very long time. Other rival games feature relatively more international events compared to LoL and Riot Games seems to have taken action on this.

Starting in 2025, there will be another international event featuring top teams across the globe. What’s more is that the event will take place right after the First Split in 2025 thanks to the new Split system. Teams will qualify for this new event from Split 1 to face each other at the six-day-long international event.

New Fearless Draft Mode

The new regional and international event will see “Fearless Draft” which will spice things up, forcing teams to adapt accordingly. In Fearless Draft, the champions picked in the prior games by a team will be banned. This comes as an attempt to help viewers to break free to watch the meta teams back-to-back across every match.

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New Split Structure

With a new international event taking place starting in 2025, Splits will take place prior to them, with teams qualifying for these events through these splits. The first split will see teams in the new event, while the second split will take team teams to the mid-season invitational (MSI). The final split in each region will take them to the regional championship.

“Focusing on a single-season Regional Championship makes the splits more cohesive and interconnected, raises the stakes for many of our regular season matches, and provides an enticing, season-long build-up to Worlds, our biggest event of the year,” Riot Games wrote.

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