Leviatán secures an early playoff at Valorant Champions Tour Americas Stage 2

Leviatán surprises fans with a great run at the Valorant Champions Tour Americas Stage 2, and becomes the first team to secure semifinals at Playoffs.

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Leviatán VCT Americas

Leviatán off to a great start at VCT Americas Stage 2 (Image - Riot)

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After another flawless victory against LOUD on week 3, Leviatán has become the first team in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2024 Americas Stage 2 playoffs. Besides that, the team has secured a direct spot for the upper bracket semifinals.

With LOUD opening up great, in the first half, it was looking like Leviatán would experience their first loss at the VCT Americas Stage 2. However, the team recovered in the second half and closed the match by securing back-to-back rounds. The second map went as smoothly as it could for Leviatán with the team cruising their opponents in their map pick with a swift victory.

The team already had a rocky start in 2024 and hasn’t been able to perform that well despite having a great line-up. While the fight has just started as they are yet to compete in playoffs, this win comes as a huge boost to the morale of both the teams and fans.

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Fans were also surprised by this development, as the team crushed multiple others who were supposed to be much stronger than them in firepower. It seems to remain if the team has been able to keep them up in the playoffs with the current head start they are getting.

Other teams are also set to join Leviatán soon

Following behind are Sentinels, Cloud9 and G2 Esports, also set to fight for the semifinal spot. Both teams are running equally on wins, but Sentinels currently holds the lead in terms of rounds. All teams are left with one more match in Week 4 to make a difference.

Teams not making it to the semifinals will compete in the Knockout Round. Week 4 matches are set to take place from July 12 to July 14, and following its conclusion, we will have our final six teams moving to playoffs.