Lego Fortnite set to introduce difficulty options with new update

Players who want even more challenges in Lego Fortnite will soon be able to set difficulty options and have a whole new unforgiving experience and vice versa.

New Update
Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite will soon have difficulty options (Source - Epic Games)

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Since its introduction, Lego Fortnite have become quite popular among players as it provides a great alternative for other sandbox survival craft games and is also free to play. Each update for Lego Fortnite brings in a lot of new stuff and this time around it is bringing a new gameplay feature.

With update v30.10 in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 set to release on June 13, players will be able to select the difficulty of their world. Players will be able to choose between Cozy Mode or Expert Mode and depending on your choice, the gameplay experience can be vastly different for every player.

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Cozy Mode in Lego Fortnite

This mode allows players to have a relaxed gameplay and is suited for those wanting to explore and focus on building their base without worrying about losing items or progress. This also further allows players to configure the world setting as they wish.

While there will be enemies, they will be toned down to an easy setting, with storm-wild enemies being disabled by default. Things players need to look out for constantly like hunger, stamina, friendly damage and loss of inventory is disabled by default. Players, however, can tweak these settings mid-game as per their liking.

Expert Mode in Lego Fortnite

On the other hand, is for those who like being challenged and have a fair experience in sandbox survival craft games. The main takeaway of this mode is one life, as players who die will face permanent elimination. In order to prevent that, they can craft a Totem of Return, which will save them from permanent elimination but will also be destroyed in the process.

As the name suggests, even regular enemies will be strong, and Storm-Wild enemies will be a challenge. Players also cannot change world setting like Cozy mode and everything is set for the hardest difficulty possible. However, all of this is not just for fun, as players will be able to earn some trophies only available in the Expert Mode.