Fortnite Oasis Pool Locations in Chapter 5 Season 3

Running out of heals? Worry not as players can now take a dip into the Oasis Pool in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 while also gaining some free battle pass XP.

New Update

Fortnite Oasis Pool (Source - Epic Games)

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Oasis Pools were added recently in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 as part of the new quest. These pools came as a great way to recover your health and shields and also get some sweet free XP to rank up your battle pass. The quest directs players to recover health or shields in the Oasis Pool.

Apart from that, these are also generally very useful when players run out of healing items and there is a pool nearby. The healing is a bit slower to not make it overpowered. All players need to do is take a dip in these pools, but be aware of your surroundings, as other players might also be in the vicinity or looking to complete their quest.

Oasis Pool locations

There are currently five Oasis Pools which are spread out across the wasteland. The map below showcases their locations.

Fortnite Oasis Pool


Pool 1 - North of Brawler’s Battleground

Pool 2 - South East of Redline Rig 

Pool 3 - East of Nitrodrome

Pool 4 - North East of Brutal Beachhead or North West of Redline Rig 

Pool 5 - South West of Nitrodrome or North East of Sandy Steppes

How to complete the quest

The Oasis Pool quest requires players to heal a total of 150 HP or shield. A great way is to create a tall structure and jump off to inflict fall damage and heal yourself. If lucky, players can get a big heal at once, if not, they can always do it little by little.

Do note that the pool will only heal either the HP or the shields of a player at a time. Meaning, that if a player is low on both, the pool will first heal the player's HP and then start healing the shields. Both of them will not heal at the same time. Players looking for a fight in the area are advised to take out the enemies and then enter the pool to heal.