Global Esports takes helm after second day at BGMI Mobile Open

NinjaBoi and Slug from Global Esports carries where the team to the top with three wins and two top-three finishes after the second day at Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open.

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Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 2

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The second day of the BGMI Mobile Open 2024 by Skyesports saw Global Esports make a huge jump across the leaderboard.  With three wins and two top-three finishes, Global Esports is now at 135 points.

After a bad start in the first match on Erangle, the team picked themselves up and managed to be on top for the rest of the matches, including one back-to-back chicken dinner in Round 10 and 11 matches. The star player for Global Esports, NinjaBoi, is now sitting at 37 finishes alone. Following behind is Slug with 22 finishes.

Team SouL on the other hand did not have a great run on the second day. With only two top-five finishes, the team lost their first spot to Global Esports. However, there are still two more days for a recovery.

Gods Reign somehow has managed to enter the top three position without winning a match. This is due to the team finishing mostly in the top five with a good number of finishes. The team boasts four of the most feared players in the BGMI community.

These are DeltaPG, Destro, SHOGUN and Justin. Their aggressive gameplay on the second day impressed many. However, with the tournament halfway done, now would be a great time to secure a few chicken dinners to further climb up the ranks.

Team XSpark still holds their fourth place and has been maintaining a consistent performance from day 1. At this pace, other teams like Orangutan or K9 will overtake them if the team do not step up their game

Here are the second-day standings -

Global Esports - 135 points

Team SouL - 108 points

Gods Reign - 92 points

Team XSpark - 89 points

Orangutan - 79 points

K9 Esports - 71 points

Revenant Esports - 69 points

Team Tamilas - 68 points

Genesis Esports - 66 points

Inferno Squad - 60 points

Team Forever - 57 points

Entity - 45 points

WSB Gaming - 45 points

8Bit - 42 points

Blind eSports - 36 points

Bot Army - 24 points

Few underdog teams like K9 Esports and Genesis Esports have also had their shining moments. K9 secured two wins on the first day, while Genesis Esports managed a win on the second day.