Team Soul and Orangutan dominating at BGMI Mobile Open 2024

The first day of the Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open 2024 sees Team SouL and Orangutan dominating the playfield and securing the top spots on the leaderboard.

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BGMI Mobile Open

Skyesports Mobile Open 2024 (Source: Skyesports Instagram)

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The grand finals run for the BGMI Skyesports Mobile Open 2024 has begun and popular teams like Soul and Orangutan have already started their domination from Day 1. The event is featuring a prize pool of Rs 10 lakh and will be played across five days.

Team SouL with a double win

The first day saw an outstanding performance from Team SouL who had a slow start but picked up pace very early. With their combination of multiple finishes, two chicken dinners and good placement points, they secured the top spot.

Furthermore, Team SouL also had two top fraggers in the top five positions. These included the IGL himself, SouL Manya with 13 finishes and SouL Rony with a whooping 16 finishes which landed him in the top spot.

Orangutan shows consistency

Compared to SouL, Orangutan had a much better opening and the team displayed a consistent performance with a decent ranking and a good number of finishes. The team secured one chicken dinner while missing two opportunities with second and third place.

Despite only having a single win, the team had decent finish points, that helped them, climb the leaderboard. AKop stood out among the rest of his teammates with 12 finishes, securing the fourth most finishes for Day 1.

Here are the current standings of all teams

Team SouL - 76 points

Orangutan - 61 points

K9 Esports - 49 points

TeamXSpark - 41 points

Global Esports - 39 points

Gods Reign - 37 points

Revenant Esports - 35 points

Entity - 31 points

Team Tamilas - 31 points

WSB Gaming - 31 points

Genesis Esports - 22 points

Blind eSports - 21 points

Team Forever - 20 points

8Bit - 18 points

Inferno Squad - 17 points

Bot Army - 16 points

There are also a few new teams in the scene like Inferno Squad, Bot Army, K9 Esports and more. A lot of them are still struggling. K9 Esports is the only one able to go head-to-head against the seasoned teams.