OneGame kicks off BGMI Pro Championship S1

BGMI competitive esports scene is alive again with the BGMI Pro Championship S1 hosted by OneGame, tournament features a prize pool of Rs 10 lakh

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OneGame is the tournament organizer in the block, hosting PUBG Mobile tournaments across the SEA and EMEA regions. The organizer recently announced the BGMI Pro Championship in India, featuring a prize pool of Rs 10 lakh.

They are reportedly based in the United Arab Emirates but with the recent push in the Middle East esports industry, they have been planning to expand globally. As for the tournament, the matches started with open qualifiers, giving everyone an equal shot in qualifying. Around 2000 teams took part across four stage matches.


Following the open qualifiers, 32 teams will kick off the quarterfinals. A total of 6 teams entered through the open qualifiers, 26 others were directly invited and included multiple OGs of the professional BGMI scene, alongside a few new entries.

These teams are divided into four groups of eight each and will face each other in quarterfinals from March 29 to April 2. Day 1 for the quarterfinals has currently concluded with teams like 8Bit, Team Tamilas and Entity Gaming taking the lead.

After the quarterfinals, the top 24 teams will move to the semi-finals starting April 3rd. Matches will be played across four days April 3, 8, 9 and 10, in a round-robin format, with teams divided into three groups of eight teams each. 

The top 16 teams from the semis will be moving to the grand finals, where everyone will face each other head-on. The teams with the most points will be crowned BGMI Pro Championship S1 winners.

Prize distribution

The Rs 10 lakh prize pool will be distributed only to the top five teams. Winners will take home Rs 4 lakh, while the second and the third place teams will take home Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1 lakh respectively. The fourth spot will take Rs 75,000 and the fifth place will get Rs 50,000.

Players will also be awarded for their fame and their in-game performance throughout the grand finals. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the Fan Favourite Player will also receive Rs 50,000 each. Matches will be live-streamed on the official OneGame YouTube channel.

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