Famous gamer ScreaM faces criticism as he calls Counter Strike 2 movement 'weird and different'

Even though Counter-Strike 2 has been around for almost a year, people are still talking about its problems. Recently, a pro gamer named ScreaM shared his experience and said that the game feels different.

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Things are looking unchanged for Counter-Strike 2 as fans are constantly complaining about its issues. Even though Counter-Strike 2 has been around for almost a year, people are still talking about its problems. Recently, a pro gamer named ScreaM, who used to play CS: GO and now plays VALORANT, streamed the game on May 25th. 

He talked about the way characters move in the game. ScreaM played a few matches on FACEIT, including one on the Dust2 map. When he got killed on the A bombsite, he started talking about how the movement in CS2 felt strange to him. He said it's different from what he's used to, and he's having a hard time getting used to it.

“The movement on this game is so weird, bro. It’s more like a movement problem. I feel like when I move, I’m sliding, man. It doesn’t stop. In CS:GO, when you move, it stops, you know? That’s what I feel when you move, there’s a tiny thing that moves more than you want,” ScreaM said. 

ScreaM is not alone in facing the issue! 

Lots of players feel the same as the Belgian player ScreaM. They've been saying similar things, especially after the game came out in September last year. But Valve has been fixing movement problems with updates since then. 

Also, players think that the movement feels different because of the way CS2 came out. In CS2, lots of things got fixed or changed a bit which eventually changed the dynamics of the game. Even though the movement didn't officially change from CS:GO, players remember it differently, like a Mandela effect.

The video clip shared by ScreaM went up on Reddit, where players had different opinions than him. One person said ScreaM couldn’t adjust well, so he switched to VALORANT in 2020. Another person said the changes in movement are more about what people think than what's actually in the game. "don’t feel the movement is so different, personally. It’s more about what people think,he said.

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