Team Spirit finds initial success while Falcons also manage to find a W

Donk secured 31 kills in their opening match against Aurora Gaming at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade while Teasm Falcons managed to survive another day.

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BetBoom Dacha Belgrade

Donk at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade (Source - HLTV)

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After the initial loss against, Team Falcons have managed to buy themselves a little more time to further try and qualify for BetBoom Dacha Belgrade. On the other group, Team Spirit and HEROIC have secured their first matches.

Team Spirit secured their win rather quickly against Aurora Gaming, which was what everyone expected from the start. The opening match saw Team Spirit fumble the opening rounds in both halves but recover soon after. zont1x and sh1ro stood out for their performance.

The next match had Spirit’s control from the beginning, sending the game into 10-2 in the first half only. Aurora somehow managed a few rounds that looked like a comeback before their opponents shut them down with the few rounds they were alive for. Donk managed to secure 31 kills alone and while people say this was only against a tier 2 team, he now has a chance to prove them wrong against HEROIC.

HEROIC dominated their map pick against Mibr not giving them any chance. Their opponents were also not having a great time, failing to win duels. However, Mibr did give their all in the following map, with HEROIC taking them over time just to meet their doom.

With the score equalized, the final match went to a decider, which was once again the same situation for Mibr as the opening map but worse. The team lost miserably and will now be facing Aurora Gaming in the elimination match.

BetBoom Team became the first to return home

Following their loss against MOUZ, BetBoom faced Team Falcons who are also fighting their demons in the elimination match where Falcons came out on top. BetBoom opened up great in a map they picked, making Falcons sweat.

Team Falcons, however, managed to bring them on equal terms after a hard-fought second match. Sadly for Betboom, the final match didn’t go in their favour as the CS veterans overwhelmed them round after round. Falcons will now face the closet from MOUZ Vs