Eliminator Week at BGMI Challengers Showdown S2 concludes with 24 teams in semifinals

24 teams head into the semifinals at BGMI Challengers Showdown Season 2 where only 16 will move to the grand finals and out of those, 4 teams securing the top prizes.

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BGMI Challengers Showdown

Eliminator Week Day 3 (Source - YouTube)

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Eliminator Week for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGMI) Challengers Showdown S2 has concluded, and 16 teams have now made their way into the grand finals. These include multiple top teams and a few new names like THW Esports and 4King Esports.

Day 3 Overview

On the third day of the Challengers Showdown S2 SAW Mogo Esports with another dominating performance by securing 67 points, creating a huge gap between them and the chasers. Another great performance was from who after a disappointing second day boosted their rank by securing 49 points on the final day.

Other seasoned teams like Revenant Esports and TeamXSpark also saw a consistent performance across the board that helped them qualify for the semis. Here are the final standings after Eliminator Week -

Mogo Esports - 133 points

Revenant Esports - 87 points

GENxFM Esports - 87 points

TeamXSpark - 86 points

8Bit - 83 points

THW Esports - 82 points

GodLike Esports - 82 points

Team Psyche - 79 points

Medal Esports - 79 points

4King Esports - 74 points

WindGod Esports - 71 points

Hydra - 70 points

Entity - 68 points

Gujarat Tigers - 65 points

Global Esports - 61 points

WSB Gaming - 60 points

The 16 teams will now be joined by eight others from Redemption Week, making a total of 24 teams for the semifinals. The semifinals will also follow the same format as Eliminator Week, with all teams divided into three groups of eight.

The top 16 will move to the grand finals but before that, teams will once again fight for the top four spot which also features a small incentive similar to Redemption Week.

Top fraggers for Eliminator Week

DeltaPG and Justin from Mogo Esports were one of the biggest reasons for the team’s success, and it was pretty clear that both secured the first and second spot on the top fraggers list with 31 and 26 finishes.

JDGaming from GenxFM secured the third spot with just one finish behind Justin from 25 finishes while Max from WindGod Esports secured 22 finishes landing on the fourth spot and the fifth spot went to GoTen from 4King Esports.