AWM vs AMR, which sniper is best for you?

BGMI now have two overpowered sniper rifles, the AWM and the Lynx AMR. Both have different strong points, and today we will check which one you should pick.

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BGMI AWP vs AMR (Source - Krafton)

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Ever since the beginning of PUBG Mobile and BGMI, AWM have ruled over Blot-action Snipers and while most of the time players would have to be satisfied with Kar98 or M24, there were times when airdrops would become the real hot zone as players would fight to get their hand on AWM.

However, with the game progressing, Krafton added a new Sniper called Lynx AMR that features new perks and stood out as a sound competitor for the AWM. Let’s check out how these two weapons differ from each other and which weapon is more suited for you.



The AWM was the most powerful sniper rifle in the game and was the only weapon that was able to one-shot a level 3 helmet from any distance. Once a player hears the noise of this weapon, the only feasible option is to hide and hope for their chances in close-range combat.

A solid advantage AWM has over Lynx AMR is the bullet count. By default, AWM comes with 25 bullets that enable the ability to take on enemies for a longer duration compared to the 10 bullets of Lynx AMR. The bullet travel time was the fastest for AWM prior to the release of AMR, but it does not affect its ability in any way.

As for attachments, AWM also has more options that allow players to further improve the stability of the weapon. Players can use a scope, muzzle, stock, magazine, and a canted sight on AWM.

Lynx AMR


The Lynx AMR came as a competitor to AWM. Despite having a bit more damage than AWM, both weapons are feasible to take down opponents in one shot. The place where AMR shines is armour penetration.

A few shots will be the difference between being in the game and queuing up in the lobby, as the weapon is specially designed to take down vehicles and whoever is sitting inside in the hands of an experienced player, making travelling in a single car much more dangerous.

Lynx AMR also has a slightly better bullet drop, as the .50 BMG travels a bit faster than .300 Magnum. However, since the Lynx AMR only has 10 bullets, only experienced players are advised to use it for a long-range fight. The weapon also has fewer attachments, leaving players only with a scope.

Conclusion; Which one should you use?

In conclusion, players who like to go for style points will want to take the Lynx AMR. The armour penetration also makes it impossible for players to hide behind vehicles, for those looking to get serious. AWM still stands as the best sniper if they can get their hands on it.