BGIS 2024 Round 2 Day 4 Overview; Underdogs get a chance to shine

Underdog teams finally get a chance to shine at BGIS 2024, although pros weren't that far behind and also managed to secure a spot in the next round.

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BGIS 2024 Round 2 Day 4 (Source - YouTube)

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Since the start of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 Round 2, underdog teams have been sidelined by veterans who dominated the battlefield, barely giving anyone a chance. Day 4, however, saw a huge win for the new teams.

Day 4 Overview

Team RGB and RTGxIND managed to overtake TWOB and Medal Esports, two of the high-ranking teams in the BGMI esports scene. Medal Esports opened up the first match with a win, showing why they are among the best, however, after that, the team did not manage to keep up the performance.

The following match was secured by Redzone Esports with a respectable 27-point chicken dinner and even managed to secure a spot in the top three in the fourth match.

The third match was secured by TWOB with 22 points, but this wasn’t the last time we would see them come out on top. Team RGB on the other hand finally managed to secure their first win with 21 points, and while it wasn’t the best score, they have been accumulating points by staying in the top five every game.

TWOB once again secured another match with 26 points, making them the only team to secure multiple games. This also helped them to make their way into the third spot by having a few points lead over Medal Esports.

The final match of the day was RTGxIND who also saw success in a few other matches. The team remained a few points shy of beating Team RGB but managed to move forward to the next round nevertheless.

Round 2 Day 4 overall standings -

Team RGB - 72 points

RTGxIND - 70 points

TWOB - 64 points

Medal Esports - 61 points

Redzone Esports - 60 points

WBG - 46 points

2OP Official - 30 points

Team Hyderabadi Coders - 29 points

Team Eternity - 24 points

Util Esports - 20 points

4Rivals - 18 points

TCM Esports - 16 points

FTS Official - 14 points

Team Dark Yoddha - 9 points

Demigodz - 6 points

Turning Point - 1 point