BGIS 2024 Round 2 Day 3 Overview; Open season for pros

Team XSpark dominates Day 3 with over 100 points at BGIS 2024 Round 2 by securing back-to-back chicken dinners. Few others managed to pick themselves up too.

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BGIS Round 2 Day 3 overview (Source - YouTube)

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The third day of Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 saw a similar trend as pros absolutely demolished new teams. While the current rankings might not matter much as all top 7 teams qualify for the next round equally, it might tell us about what to expect moving forward.

Round 2 Day 3 Overview

With a back-to-back chicken dinner, Team XSpark was one of the few consistent teams on day 3. The first match saw the team secure 25 points, while the second match saw them secure 36 points, which already placed them on top of the leaderboard.

Even the third map, which was secured by Shoot At Sight with 15 15-point chicken dinners, was dominated by Team XSpark with 31 points. The fourth match for the day was secured by Mysterious Esports. Team XSpark saw themselves eliminated with a single point, however, it wasn’t long before they recovered in the following matches.

The fifth and final map for Day 3 were secured by ClawxxPirat Esports with an impressive 26-point chicken dinner and by Infinite Catalysts with a 19-point chicken dinner. Team XSpark, while not overtaking anyone, managed to stay in the top five.

Here are the final standings -

Team XSpark - 107 points

ClawxxPirat Esports - 61 points

Infinite Catalysts - 43 points

Shoot At Sight - 38 points

Matrix - 34 points

Neonx Esports - 33 points

Clue Esports - 33 points

Team Vibez - 32 points

Enforcers Esports - 30 points

Team Gladiators - 28 points

Mysterious Esports - 25 points

Rich Esports - 22 points

Vampire Esports India - 19 points

Ready For Domination - 17 points

Onehive Veterans - 16 points

Explosives Esports - 5 points

The first two wins for Team XSpark were more than the third spot in their group, even with four more matches to go. ClawxxPirat had a rough matchup at the start, but their win on map 5 came as a turning point for the team.