Apex Legends Season 22 to brings big battle pass changes

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that Season 22 for Apex Legends will see the battle pass split into two to improve experience and progression goals.

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Apex Legends S22

Apex Legends S22 bring two battle passes (Image - Respawn)

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Season 22 of Apex Legends is all set to bring two battle passes in a single season. In an official update, the developers revealed that instead of the full-sized traditional battle pass with 110 levels, players will now get the same split into two of 60 levels each.

In the official post, EA wrote that the changes are meant to, “improve your (player) experience and progression goals”. The post further outlines that the reward amount in both battle passes will remain the same, so players will have a chance to earn double rewards.

However, there is a catch, the players will now have to pay for both of the battle passes. Alongside the double price, the cost of the battle pass has been changed to real-world currency instead of Apex Coins. The new battle pass will cost $9.99 and if players choose to buy both, they will have to pay twice. While players will get the same amount of Apex Coins, they can only be used to purchase cosmetics.

Players who want to spend even more can buy the Premium+ track that will give 10-tier skips along with 2 extra legendary character skins. Premium+ players will also have all the legends unlocked and playable for the duration of the battle pass.

Players hate the new Battle Pass Changes

While the changes do state that the split for the battle pass is made to make the player experience better, however, players beg to differ. While players do have a chance to earn double rewards, they also need to pay double the price. Also, players will have to do this every season with the purchase option changing from Apex Coins to real-world currency.

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Another debate regarding improving player experience and progression is that despite the battle pass becoming smaller, the amount of days is also getting shorter, so the grind will also be the same. The majority of the players have called the move greedy and refused to make the purchase.