What happens if Pakistan lose to India? Former T20 World Cup winners face tricky challenge to reach Super 8 stages

Pakistan Cricket Team set to face a trick challenge to make it to the super 8 stages of the T20 World Cup 2024 if they lose their game to India on Sunday in New York.

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Pakistan Cricket Team (Source-ICC)

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The loss to United States of America was a huge shocker for the Pakistan Cricket Team. It wasn’t the kind of start that Babar Azam and his side would have been looking for. The challenge gets tougher from here as they take on India in their second match of T20 World Cup 2024 tournament. 

The men in green are now walking on thin ice as they need to beat India to keep their hopes alive of making it to the Super 8 Stages. Even a win on Sunday though will not guarantee then a spot in the next round. 

After their match against India, Pakistan will face Canada and Ireland in their final two matches of the campaign. While the Pakistanis will be expected to make short work of the Canadians, it is the game against Ireland that can be a potential banana skin situation. 

Assessing Pakistan’s chances of making the Super 8 stages 

Pakistan cricket are facing a huge prospect of missing out on a place in the Super 8 stages of T20 World Cup 2024 after their loss to USA. As things stand Babar Azam’s team has played one match and has a net run-rate of 0. 

If Pakistan does beat India they will move on par with Rohit Sharma’s team but then they will have to hope that either USA or Canada can do them a favor. A loss to Pakistan will also have an effect on India as they will have to win both their final two games of the campaign. 

In the case of Pakistan losing to India on Sunday, they will want the co-hosts United States of America to be beaten by Ireland and India. This will give USA just four points and Pakistan’s likely win over Canada and Ireland with a huge margin can see them scrape through on run-rate. 

Ireland have played two matches and have lost both games and this has more or less put them on the brink of elimination. Canada too has played two games having lost to USA and then having beaten Ireland to be placed third in the table. 

With so much of permutations and combinations, Group A encounters are set to be on fire in the next few days. In the meanwhile, the world is waiting for the 22 gladiators to take the field on Sunday in what is likely to be a huge blockbuster encounter.  

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