5 players who have the most wins as captain in Men's T20I

Here is the complete list of players who have the most wins as captain in Men's T20I international cricket, only on Sportsinfo.com

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In cricket, the T20 format is the shortest and the most entertaining since it takes less time and more unexpected things happen. As the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is about to start on June 2, all the teams are preparing for the marquee event which happens once in two years. Moreover, before the start of the World Cup, Pakistan's captain wrote his name in history by becoming the captain to win the most number of matches in the T20I as a captain. 

In cricket, captaincy matters a lot as the game requires a lot of thinking and processing on the field amidst millions of people. Hence, when a team wins or loses any game, the captain is always held responsible. There are other captains as well who have won matches for their teams and have written their names in history. 

Let's discuss the most wins as captain in Men's T20I:

5. 41 - MS Dhoni (India)

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is one of the most famous captains in the world who has all three ICC trophies. He has numerous records under his name and has won a lot of matches for India. Dhoni's journey in cricket has been quite inspiring as he led India to their first T20 World Cup victory. Since then he captained India in 72 matches and won 41 matches in T20I. Dhoni's unparalleled composure under pressure and astute captaincy has been instrumental in India's success in the shortest format of the game, earning him a revered status among cricket fans worldwide.

4. 42 - Asghar Afghan (Afghanistan)

Asghar Afghan

Afghanistan's former captain, Asghar Afghan, was one of their best captains. He shares the third position with Eoin Morgan, boasting 42 wins in Men's T20 Internationals. Afghanistan's leadership has been instrumental in Afghanistan's rise as a cricketing powerhouse, guiding his team through numerous challenges with resilience and determination. 

3. 42 - Eoin Morgan (England)

Eoin Morgan

With 42 victories as captain of the England cricket team, dynamic player Eoin Morgan has made a lasting impression on the T20I scene. Known for his aggressive but strategic style of play, Morgan has led England to multiple international wins, establishing himself as one of the best captains in contemporary cricket. However, in his captaincy, he has failed to win any World Cups for England. 

2. 44 - Brian Masaba (Uganda)

Brian Masaba

Although Brian Masaba's name may not be as well-known as some of the others on this list, he made a significant impact as Uganda's captain in Men's T20 Internationals. Masaba, who has 44 victories under his belt, has been a major contributor to Uganda's cricket team, motivating them with his commitment to the sport.

1. 45 - Babar Azam (Pakistan)

Babar Azam

Top of the list with an incredible 45 victories in Men's T20I is Pakistan's explosive skipper, Babar Azam. Azam, who is renowned for his dependability and composed manner on the field, has skillfully guided his team, exhibiting exceptional leadership abilities at a comparatively young age.

Babar Azam T20